What Is ENOWA?

ENOWA will lead the development of NEOM's world-class, sustainable energy and water systems, and feature the world's largest green hydrogen production plant. Powered by affordable 100% renewable energy it will provide the critical infrastructure for NEOM's key projects.



ENOWA will lead the development of NEOM's world-class, sustainable energy and water systems. Work to develop these utilities has begun to provide the critical infrastructure for NEOM's key projects: THE LINE, its revolutionary urban development; OXAGON, its reimagined industrial city; and TROJENA, its sustainable mountain tourism destination. OXAGON is actively seeking tenants for its manufacturing hub, and supply of energy and water is essential.

NEOM’s water and wastewater system is designed to be completely sustainable, delivering low-cost water to all residents and businesses in NEOM.  Powered by 100 percent renewable energy, the advanced desalination plants will not put anything back into the sea and will deliver drinkable, mineralized water to all in NEOM, directly to the tap or out of a bottling plant.

A significant element of the desalination process is planned to be the production of valuable materials from seawater.

The output of desalination, brine, is usually waste, but ENOWA plans to produce significant quantities of valuable, industrial materials such as industrial-grade salt, magnesium, and potassium, which can be sold commercially and effectively.

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