We haven't published as many news items this month as we have been travelling, again. We've met some interesting people from Korea who are very interested our reach in to NEOM and the surrounding projects and are looking to increase their supplier relationships for equipment, materials and expertise. Keep watching this space.


After some trials and testing we have now been listed on Google News. This will bring our consolidated news output about NEOM to a wider audience and make it easier for people to find information and news.

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We've had to make the Contact Form on the business listing page for Registered users only due to spamming from certain professions and certain countries.  You know who you are.

We've had a little break over the holiday season and spent it travelling and meeting suppliers across the Middle East and Europe. Our plans for a B2B services exchange are going well and we might be in a position to launch it publically in a few months. There's a lot of interest in obtaining heavy equipment and personnel for projects in NEOM.

Some examples we received in 2022:

"We need as many dump trucks as you can find"

"Do you have contacts with earth movers? We are in the need for 10 immediately with more required later"

"De-watering equipment is urgently needed"

"we have a requirement for 2 dozen upright cement silos within 2 months"

"project engineers are required"


The last couple of years have seen an increase in the number of businesses who want to advertise themselves to the NEOM community and many of those have been on our free plan. Now that this marketplace is more mature, businesses are trading between themselves and the increase in our general costs we have taken the decision to suspend the free plan and replace it with a Starter plan at $10 for 12 months.

All existing free plans will remain visible but will need to be renewed at the Starter plan price as they expire.