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ENOWA showcases its green hydrogen offering at Desert X Prix opener in Jeddah

ENOWA, Extreme E’s official Green Hydrogen Partner, continued to showcase its green hydrogen offering at the Desert X Prix hosted in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (17-18 February) which was the launch of the 2024 season. Since partnering with Extreme E in 2022, ENOWA has been pivotal in steering a multi-year collaboration, advocating for sustainable solutions in the world of motorsport. This collaboration has prominently highlighted green hydrogen as a transformative energy source, amplifying its potential on a global scale.

Extreme E continues to push barriers in sustainability, and its collaboration with ENOWA aims to redefine environmental energy solutions, particularly involving green hydrogen.

Powering the championship’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell system has demonstrated an impact through a strategic shift in energy sources and the adoption of sustainable technologies.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Extreme E for its fourth season and welcome the racing series back, which started in Jeddah in February. The versatility of green hydrogen continues to be a shining example of ways we can power the world, which of course includes motorsports.” - Roland Kaeppner, Managing Director, Hydrogen & Green Fuels, at ENOWA

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