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Crown Prince MBS is just getting started with the $500 NEOM project

Saudi Crown Prince MBS gave the world plenty to think about when he announced the gigaproject NEOM. Most were skeptical of the 170km strip ever coming to life. Not only is NEOM taking shape in full swing, but it is also introducing more and more megaprojects every passing day. NEOM, located in northwest Saudi Arabia, is bigger than 10 Hong Kongs put together. It was mostly known for its four developments – Sindalah, TROJENA, OXAGON, and THE LINE. But in the last year, there have been many unique and out-of-this-world plans revealed by the kingdom to build up its tourism economy.

Prince Mohammed wants to bring development to the nearly untouched Northwestern Saudi Arabia. ‘It’s empty [and] has a mix of topography, from mountains to islands, beaches, dunes, to oases, corals, skiing to diving,’ he said. ‘NEOM will compete with Miami in terms of entertainment, culture, sports, and retail. Saudi Arabia wants to create a new civilization for tomorrow. We encourage other countries to do the same for a better planet. It’s going to be something new and creative.’

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