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NEOM: The futuristic city where ‘people, robotic avatars and holograms can co-exist’

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a bubbling beaker of Arabian tradition mixed with science-bending futurism – with megacity NEOM spearheading the change.  From its technological verve to its sustainability ambitions, it’s clear that NEOM is firmly in charge of its own narrative, with robotic avatars and holograms ready to become part of everyday life.

Made up of three main districts, NEOM will stretch across mountains, desert and the sea. THE LINE, a 160-kilometre-long sustainable city, will have the capacity for one million residents, while OXAGON will become the largest floating industrial complex in the world. For adventurers, however, nowhere will compare to the dizzying heights of TROJENA.

“TROJENA plans to be the pinnacle of human ingenuity in design as well as architectural and engineering innovation,” says Communications and Marketing Director at TROJENA, Clark Williams

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