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NEOM’s Ambition Goes Into Hyperdrive

The development strategy behind NEOM is coming into focus: Planners want the megaproject to reflect something greater than the sum of its parts while trying to tether lofty ambitions to reality with major global event commitments.

The latest plans for the NEOM megaproject revolve around three regions: TROJENA (a luxury mountain tourism destination), OXAGON (a floating industrial city), and THE LINE (an over 100-mile-long linear urban development with parallel mirrored skyscrapers running on 100% renewable energy). There are 14 sectors earmarked as priorities for the megaproject, and a heavy technological dimension permeates these plans. NEOM represents just one of 24 key projects featured on the Saudi Vision 2030 website, reflecting the sheer scale of the Saudi leadership’s developmental ambition.

Hosting the 2029 Winter Asian Games in TROJENA raises the stakes associated with NEOM. It is an excellent opportunity to promote the destination to a global audience and strengthen sporting credentials. 

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