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NEOM is coming!

NEOM releases short film on construction progress of Saudi Arabia's four megacities.   The recent video shows real-world footage of the large-scale construction across NEOM regions including THE LINE, TROJENA, Sindalah, and OXAGON. It is the first film in what will be an ongoing series showing progress at NEOM as the construction continues.

Based on the recently released video, NEOM calls Sindala its luxury destination dotted with arching and sloping architecture that defines the typical standards of opulence in daily living and what might seem to be private clubhouses with members-only access.   TROJENA gets the go-to destination for mountain and dry-land excursions while THE LINE retains its namesake as the flagship city of the four megacities. OXAGON, the fourth city, poses as the center for advanced studies, the probable candidate of NEOM to further drive their research on only using energy sources from solar, wind, and hydrogen as it attempts to apply only renewable energy throughout the cities.

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