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NEOM signs multiple MoUs to accelerate green transformation

Saudi Arabia’s sustainable energy push in NEOM is expected to get a further boost as the Kingdom’s $500-billion megacity has signed deals with Bosch and Bain & Co. to accelerate clean industrial transformation in OXAGON.  OXAGON is the industrial city in NEOM, which will operate with 100 percent renewable energy. The Kingdom also aims to turn this destination to a tourist hub, aligned with the goals outlined in Vision 2030.  

Developing giga-projects like NEOM is very crucial for Saudi Arabia as the Kingdom, which is on a path of economic diversification, is trying to emerge as a global tourism destination by the end of this decade.  

Through its National Tourism Strategy, Saudi Arabia aims to attract 100 million tourists in the Kingdom by the end of this decade.  

Earlier in October, NEOM released a short video and revealed that construction of a hospital, utilities and a number of roads has been completed within the city. 

“Bain and Bosch share our vision to transform the existing industrial model. The collaboration aims to accelerate our ambition to enable factories of the future to build products of the future in NEOM and beyond.” - Vishal Wanchoo, CEO of OXAGON

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