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Crown Prince MBS is actually charging full steam ahead with his dream project of NEOM

What happens in Saudi Arabia’s NEOM city doesn’t stay in NEOM; it spreads like wildfire and gets the world talking. This time it was about the larger-than-life sustainable development in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, amassing 100 of the world’s leading construction companies for a two-day industry forum. The gathering took place in NEOM to give a sneak peek at the development taking place at breakneck speed.

NEOM is currently being built in modular phases with the first phase welcoming residents in 2030. Attendees were given a real estate reality check by showing progress on the Line, the high-speed rail line called the Spine, the industrial port city of OXAGON, ski resort TROJENA, and the NEOM International Airport. 

Several meetings were conducted with contractors to understand their level of expertise for the $1 trillion novelty called NEOM. The event hosted companies from Saudi Arabia and around the globe, from Asia, Europe, North America, and North Africa. It should be noted that a workforce of a whopping 140,000 is already tasked with the development of NEOM City that will be bigger than 10 Hong Kongs put together. These numbers will only grow to an insane 200,000 by next year.

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