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At the Climate Summit, the Saudi Pavilion puts on in shows the largest hydrogen project in NEOM

The Saudi pavilion at the UN Climate Conference COP26 shed light on renewable energy and hydrogen production projects in the city of NEOM, during a conference entitled “Designing a 100% Renewable Energy System from Zero – Marhaba NEOM”, to which a crowd of interested parties and visitors to the pavilion participated.

The conference was about environmentally friendly and pioneering technologies that they are It will be used in the NEOM project, which aims to be the city The first destination in the world to rely entirely on renewable energy and one of the world’s leading sources of clean energy.

The conference focused on explaining the hydrogen project, which is the largest of its kind in the world, and its importance lies in its consistency with NEOM’s efforts to achieve leadership in green hydrogen production and green fuels globally. , for being a focal point in NEOM’s journey to become the most important destination globally in providing sustainable solutions in in order to attract investors and better minds from all countries of the world.

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