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NEOM unveils inspiring 45-minute documentary of Saudi Arabia’s THE LINE

In a new 45-minute documentary titled “THE LINE: Saudi Arabia’s City of the Future in NEOM,” renowned architects Thom Mayne, Peter Cook, and Roger Soto have provided fascinating insights into the conceptualisation of an ambitious megacity known as ‘THE LINE.’ Currently in its planning stages, ‘THE LINE’ is set to be a groundbreaking linear smart city spanning an astounding 170 kilometers.

Designed to house an estimated 9 million residents, ‘THE LINE‘ covers an impressive area of 34 square kilometers and comes with a staggering price tag of $500 billion. What sets this city apart is its meticulously planned layout, ensuring that all essential amenities are conveniently within walking distance for the residents. Moreover, the incorporation of a high-speed rail system guarantees a quick 20-minute commute, further enhancing the city’s allure.

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