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“No wastage will be left behind”: How modular construction in KSA reflects Vision 2030

Modular construction continues to gain more traction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Construction Week’s Leaders in Construction KSA Summit 2021 discussed how this particular method is shaping the future of the sector in the nation. 

As discussed throughout the summit, the residential construction industry in Saudi Arabia is facing a shortage of affordable housing as a result of a growing population.  This has encouraged the demand for pre-fabricated homes, as they are cost-effective and time-efficient, reflecting the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Waleed Khaled commented: "There is no doubt that the Saudi government is embracing futuristic methods and ideas, whether it is for developing existing cities like Riyadh, or creating new cities like the Red Sea or NEOM."

The development of The Red Sea Project enhances pre-fabricated and modular construction methods, to reduce delivery time, enhance quality, and minimise the negative environmental impact of construction.

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