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Why NEOM’s THE LINE should be a circle instead

In a recent article published in the journal NPJ Urban Sustainability, Rafael Prieto-Curiel and Daniel Kondor from Complexity Science Hub Vienna have examined the potential mobility obstacles that could be encountered in THE LINE, the linear city planned in Saudi Arabia. The article titled “Arguments for Building The Circle and not THE LINE in Saudi Arabia” puts forward the notion that a linear layout may not be the most efficient choice for a city.

The concept of THE LINE revolves around creating a sustainable urban environment where essential services are conveniently accessible within a 15-minute radius. However, researchers have raised questions about the effectiveness of the city’s linear shape in achieving this goal. While the concept emphasises the importance of specialised businesses and institutions that cater to specific interests, there is uncertainty regarding whether the unconventional linear layout of THE LINE supports or hinders the realisation of these objectives.

To address concerns about the shape, the researchers propose an alternative city design called The Circle. In The Circle, tall buildings are arranged in a circular shape, allowing for a compact and walkable urban environment.

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