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Xendee Partners With NEOM To Drive Sustainable Energy Transition In Saudi Arabia

Xendee, the global leader in Microgrid Decision Support, has secured a contract to support NEOM, a groundbreaking project focused on creating a sustainable city in Saudi Arabia’s northwest region. Xendee will provide its expertise to assist NEOM in planning and implementing renewable energy and microgrid initiatives.

Xendee’s primary objective is to aid NEOM in the transition to a renewable energy-based infrastructure, utilizing technologies such as solar panels, battery systems, and hydrogen. This aligns with NEOM’s ambitious goals of achieving complete reliance on renewable energy, creating a city free of roads, vehicles, and emissions, while preserving the majority of land for natural ecosystems.

Michael Stadler, CTO and Co-founder of Xendee expressed enthusiasm about contributing to NEOM’s clean energy objectives. Xendee’s platform facilitates streamlined techno-economic analyses to determine the optimal combination of renewables, energy storage, and smart grids for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This approach ensures that NEOM can reach its clean energy targets while minimizing expenses and maximizing return on investment.

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