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Tips on finding a dream job in Saudi Arabia and NEOM

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is in the midst of a major economic transformation. The reform is part of the Kingdom’s long-term economic strategy – Vision 2030, and its national transformation plan that aims to diversify the economy away from dependence on the oil sector.

Considering Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, it is hard to ignore that the country is full of business and investment opportunities, making Saudi Arabia a place to be.

There is good news for job hunters because there are several megaprojects shaping the future of Saudi Arabia. Interested candidates can apply for a job in NEOM via the official website, submitting their CV, cover letter, and additional required documents.

What jobs are available in NEOM? There are currently 230 positions being advertised by the development, in a variety of sectors and a variety of pay grades. There are currently many sectors being employed in manufacturing and innovation, corporate development, health and safety, finance, public safety, sports, strategic planning and technology, sea conservation, government involvement, and government services and operations.

The megaproject has eligibility criteria for applicants, however, these vary among the many open job roles but all positions require at least a bachelor’s degree — many also require further higher education such as a master’s degree — while recruiters are looking for broad experience in the applicant’s fields and strong verbal and communication skills.

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