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The Most Exciting Developments Coming to Saudi's Smart City, NEOM

It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia has been on an ambitious mission to propel eager global travellers and uber-fortunate locals into the technologically advanced and sustainability-focused future as early as 2030.  And with “outside of the box” ideas like a ski resort in the middle of the desert, an upside-down skyscraper and a floating industrial city in the Red Sea, the odds seem to be in their favour.

The epitome of this outlandish innovation is perhaps the Kingdom’s smart city, NEOM, which will cost around half a trillion dollars to complete and will feature a roundup of equally lavish and creative developments that would put Blade Runner to shame.

So, without further ado, here are the most exciting NEOM developments you can look forward to visiting in the thrilling (and, if Saudi has anything to do with it, very near) future.

For more information about the different NEOM regions go here and a map overview of the projects go here.

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