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NEOMs food company TOPIAN plans to build 100 ha greenhouse project in Saudi Arabia

Tabuk Agricultural Development Co. has signed a (non-binding) memorandum of understanding with TOPIAN Limited Company, (NEOM's Food Company) for cooperating to plan, develop, construct, and operate hydroponic greenhouse for the production of fruits and vegetables in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

Main obligation for Tabuk Agriculture Development Co is tasked to source 100 hectares of agricultural land appropriate for constructing a mid-tech hydroponic vegetable facility in a suitable location in the TABUK with sufficient water and electricity for the purposes of the Project. Also, warehousing, cold store, labour and other available appropriate equipment for the use of the project will be integrated, and Tabuk is to provide support for the supervision of the construction of the facility.

NEOM, the Saudi megaproject developer, launched the food company Topian in December 2023, to focus on food production and distribution. Topian is supported by the Saudi Environment, Water & Agriculture Ministry to work towards the kingdom's food security goals. The company explores sustainable and innovative food solutions, including climate-proof agriculture; regenerative aquaculture; novel foods; personalized nutrition; sustainable food supply; and environmental, social, and corporate governance issues.

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