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Saudi Arabia is pioneer in Smart City initiatives - Dr. Esam bin Abdullah Al-Wagait

The director of the National Information Center at the Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA), Dr. Esam bin Abdullah Al-Wagait, confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched initiatives in the field of smart cities inspired by innovation in order to be a worldwide reference, underscoring that smart cities are among one of the basics of sustainable urban living for humanity.

He also indicated that using the power of generative AI will not only include designs and urbanization of our cities but will create smart cities adapted to the needs of their residents and promoting a sustainable and inclusive living environment.

Dr. Esam bin Abdullah Al-Wagait also underscored the transformation of the pioneering national project NEOM, as the project is a realistic embodiment of the future vision of smart cities through the effective use of IoT, big data, and AI, which aims to redefine the concepts of urban design and planning and set new global standards for efficiency in improving every aspect of the urban city and achieving well-being for its citizens.

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