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$400bn US desert mega city ‘Telosa’ to rival NEOM planned by billionaire Marc Lore

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The NEOM effect is widening.

A billionaire plans to spend a fortune building the city of the future in the US desert.  Entrepreneur, businessman and investor Marc Lore has his sights set on a new project that will rival floating cities like Oceanix Busan in South Korea and elongated cities like THE LINE in Saudi Arabia.

He assumes that 50,000 people will live there by 2030 and five million people by 2050. This is not a cheap undertaking, and “Telosa City” is expected to cost around $400bn (£326.47bn). Marc’s city of the future takes its name from an ancient Greek word by Aristotle meaning “highest goal”.

Telosa City is to be built in the middle of the desert between Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

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