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Satellite Images Show Progress at World's Biggest Construction Site

In the northwest corner of Saudi Arabia, construction is underway on a megaproject that promises to one day house more people than New York City, spread across a vertical skyscraper taller than the Empire State Building and stretching the length of Manhattan to Philadelphia. New satellite imagery provided to Newsweek shows the state of progess at NEOM, the brainchild of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that the kingdom is pitching as the future of urban living. 

Several miles north, excavation work has been progressing in fits and starts on THE LINE, the flagship element of the NEOM project that bills itself as the largest construction project on Earth, and among the most controversial. The 650-foot-wide "linear city" will stretch across 105 miles through mountains and desert valleys, with the ability to house some nine million people by the time it's completed — at an estimated cost of up to $2 trillion.

Satellite imagery shows early stages of excavation for THE LINE, NEOM's flagship project that will include two 105-mile long skyscrapers housing nine million people.

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