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The Future of Saudi Arabia’s Creativity and Communication

“When we talk about the changes in the Saudi market, we cannot do that without taking into consideration the one major turning point that impacted the core of our industry in KSA: Vision 2030,” says Mohammed Bhamishan, the chief creative officer at Publicis Communications KSA. 

“When we look at a brand like NEOM, and a city like ‘THE LINE’, we must ask ourselves, ‘Who would be the future communication/creative/strategic partner that would measure up and meet the expectation of such brands?’ This exciting and challenging opportunity was never on the table before Vision 2030. Now, think of the rest of the projects and the sub-brands that have been born since then, carrying the same DNA, to support and cater for the coming progress,” says Mohammed.

There are an endless number of possibilities, from superstructure 3D printing to asteroid mining, blockchain banking and even remote robotics – all of which Mohammed has considered and questioned. He believes more should be done to keep up with the country which already has its priorities set for the future. “I believe our creative industry is late, while our government and the public society are more creative and way ahead of us!” He continues, “We need to move faster, with a full understanding of the vision prerequisites and reinvent structures, mindsets, talent skill sets, work approach and practices.”

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