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Not NEOM : Architects propose giant 500-metre-tall ring to encircle Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai

Co-founders of a Dubai-based architecture firm have created a radical design that would transform the city's skyline.  The proposed design will encircle the entirety of the Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa neighbourhood in a 500-metre tall giant ring called the Downtown Circle. The structure will have a circumference of three kilometres.

"Like what we see with THE LINE in NEOM, Saudi Arabia, the Downtown Circle is meant to trigger emotions among those who see the designs. We want it to start a conversation about modern architectural possibilities," explained Najmus Chowdhry one of the architects. The pair created the design amidst the pandemic, challenging the idea of how we live in cities, particularly skyscrapers.

The ring would be supported by five vertical beams or columns 500 meters high. The span of the circle itself would be composed of two main rings held together by a continuous green belt named the Skypark.

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