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NEOM launch world’s largest coral restoration initiative in Saudi Arabia in conjunction with KAUST

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), in partnership with NEOM, has launched the first nursery of the KAUST Coral Restoration Initiative (KCRI).  According to a recent press release, KCRI represents the world's largest coral restoration project and is already operational with a second facility underway, both situated in the Red Sea.  This initiative, funded by KAUST — a top-tier graduate research university acclaimed as the number one Arab University by Times Higher Education — features a cutting-edge nursery on the coast of NEOM in northwest Saudi Arabia.

Coral reefs, home to 25% of marine species yet occupying less than 1% of the ocean floor, are critical to marine ecosystems. With mass bleaching events and severe heat stress threatening up to 90% of global coral reefs annually by 2050, initiatives like KCRI are vital for ocean health. The press release emphasizes the urgent need for effective coral recovery solutions amid increasing environmental challenges.

Aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, KCRI aims to enhance marine conservation efforts by leveraging KAUST's marine ecosystem research and trialing innovative restoration techniques. The project, set on a 100-hectare site, plans to deploy 2 million coral fragments as a significant conservation effort.

Read the full story at Saudi Gazette

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