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THE LINE is taking shape underground as well with the construction of The Spine railway

Image courtesy of @KSAembassyES

NEOM City is shifting gears from words and videos to actions and tangible proof. The latest revelation came on X (Twitter), where images showed the progress made by Spanish companies on THE LINE’s high-speed railway called ‘The Spine.’ According to the post shared on social media, the firms have completed 25% of the work on one of the tunnels in The Spine, which is a cool 8.7 km long. This space will be utilized by high-speed trains, transport vehicles, and freight trains, serving as the link between THE LINE and an industrial port called OXAGON.

The development already employs 140,000 construction workers and expects that workforce to top 200,000 by 2025.

The spectacular ‘The Spine’ is a marvel in itself, running on the 105-mile-long horizontal skyscraper, THE LINE, and traveling from one end to the other in just 20 minutes, with a speed of 317 mph.

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