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More drone images show the extent of ‘Sindalah’ and ‘OXAGON’ joining ‘THE LINE’ in Saudi Arabia

Check out these stunning images of the construction progress of ‘THE LINE’, Saudi Arabia as it joins onto Sindalah and OXAGON.  The 2024 update from CEO Giles Pendleton shows just how swiftly the NEOM project of Saudi Arabia is moving along.

A high-speed rail service will also take people from one end to the other within 20 minutes. These stunning images of the development in its current state were shared by chief operating officer, Giles Pendleton on LinkedIn. As well as excavation photos of ‘THE LINE’, Saudi Arabia, Pendleton also showed off the latest aerial photos of Sindalah and OXAGON.

Alongside the images, he wrote: “How to answer the naysayers about the incredible work being done in NEOM? Show a cross section of the world’s largest building site from the mountains to the sea.”

He added, “Massive excavations on THE LINE, the future of island resorts on Sindalah and the next generation of ports and logistics at OXAGON.”

Earlier this week, NEOM announced plans for an “ultra-modern” beach club on Sindalah in partnership with Saudi Arabian music entertainment company MDLBeast. The beach club will be a space for cutting-edge events and immersive experiences. World-famous musicians, artists and DJs will feature alongside audiovisual (AV) installations.

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