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Proving the world that it’s not a pipe dream, the newest video showcases the mammoth scale and construction pace of Saudi Crown Prince MBS’ ultra-ambitious project, ‘THE LINE’

Image courtesy of NEOM

Saudi Arabia’s megaproject THE LINE is insanely ambitious which is reason enough to inspire disbelief. Thankfully, the larger-than-life development comes with regular, real updates by THE LINE chief operating officer Giles Pendleton on LinkedIn, in a series titled ‘NEOM is real.’

In its latest video, which is numbered part 13 and was released at the property fair MIPIM, viewers get a look at the extensive foundation work taking place at THE LINE site. The documentary revealed a very interesting fact: this humongous development stands 500m tall and 170 km long and will be divided into 140 modules that will each be 800 meters long and designed by different architects.

The video also sheds light on site clearing work, foundation setup, and piling operations on the first phase of the development, touted to be completed by 2030. This massive operation enlists around 260 excavators and 2,000 trucks and is the world’s biggest earthworks operation. The hardworking teams are excavating so much sand that it can fill 800 Olympic-sized pools every week. THE LINE, a self-sustaining city with zero net emissions, was developed by US studio Morphosis.

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