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Media hub at NEOM aims to lead global media industry in sustainable production

The world’s first integrated creative media industries hub, which is being established at NEOM, can contribute significantly to NEOM’s GDP with generating exciting career prospects for young Saudis, according to Wayne Borg, managing director of Media, Entertainment and Culture at NEOM.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to create the world’s first physically and technologically integrated creative media industries hub at NEOM and by doing so contribute significantly to NEOM’s GDP while generating exciting career prospects for young Saudis,” he said while referring to the added value that he brought into NEOM in his capacity as a towering international media figure with experience spanning over two decades.

Borg emphasized that NEOM is committed to reinventing the relationship between man and nature. Hence, the media industry at NEOM will adapt to nature by aligning to the core values of sustainability and empowering humanity to create a brighter future.

Highlighting the redesigned role of media industry at NEOM, while comparing to the current media scenario, he said, “The media industry is well known for its negative impact on the environment.

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