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A Guide to the Saudi Arabian NEOM Visa

The NEOM visa is a dedicated visa category designed specifically for individuals visiting or working within the NEOM development zone. This visa caters to various categories, including investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and skilled professionals contributing to NEOM’s growth.

While specific details regarding the NEOM visa are still under development, it’s expected that the visa will be tailored towards individuals contributing to NEOM’s goals in specific fields. This might include expertise in technology, sustainability, healthcare, and other sectors crucial to the project’s success. Official information regarding eligibility criteria and specific visa types is likely to be available closer to NEOM’s launch.

The NEOM visa, upon its launch, will unlock access to a world of possibilities within the visionary megacity of NEOM. By staying informed about the upcoming visa process, understanding eligibility criteria, and preparing for potential challenges, you can position yourself to be part of this groundbreaking project. Remember, adaptability, cultural sensitivity, and a desire to contribute to innovation will be valuable assets as NEOM unfolds its potential.

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