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UNWTO and NEOM launch tourism ideas challenge - ‘Tourism Experiences of the Future’

UNWTO and Saudi Arabia's NEOM have partnered for a new initiative focused on the future of tourism in Saudi Arabia.  The ‘Tourism Experiences of the Future’ challenge will source innovative ideas and disruptive business models related to the tourism needs of the future, in line with growing demand for new experiences. 
All proposals must be aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and should include the introduction or adaptation of digital and technological elements, as well as being focused at least one of the following areas:
* Optimising and maximising the potential of experiential tourism;
* Harnessing the positive impact of new technology;
* Alternative business models;
* Innovative experiences
An Affiliate Member of UNWTO since 2019, NEOM is an accelerator of human progress and a vision of what a new future might look like. Located in northwest Saudi Arabia along the Red Sea, NEOM is ideally situated at the crossroads of the world, comprising a total area of 26,500 sq km. A special authority has been established to oversee NEOM, chaired by Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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