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Tourists in NEOM will be able to snorkel and ski on the same day

Those in charge of NEOM are creating a city where you can go snorkelling by the beach and ski down snow-topped mountains on the same day.  Mountain destination TROJENA, set to open in 2026, will have a ski village, ultra-luxury family and wellness resorts, a wide range of retail stores and restaurants, as well as water sports, mountain biking and an interactive nature reserve.

Through its ski village, TROJENA aims to offer a unique experience never before witnessed in the region, especially in Gulf countries known for their desert climates.  

“NEOM isn’t only about physical spaces, it’s about ideas, it’s about forever changing the possibilities of travel and reimagining what we know.” NEOM head of tourism Andrew McEvoy

He also said “NEOM is the sort of place where you could snorkel in the morning in the Red Sea and ski in the snow in the afternoon at TROJENA, all in the same day. NEOM is a combination journey and TROJENA is a big part of that."

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