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TONOMUS launches NEOM’s first digital communications facility

TONOMUS, NEOM’s cognitive technology company, has announced the opening of its first digital communications facility. The TONOMUS.NEOM Telecommunications Center contains a high-capacity, highly efficient data center and associated infrastructure to enhance the availability, resilience and growth of 5G, satellite and fiber cable network connectivity, and enable the provision of secure private cloud services in the NEOM region. On-site offices and facilities within the Center will support day-to-day operations and collaboration with telecommunications industry partners.

As a cornerstone of the broader digital infrastructure envisaged for NEOM, the Center’s advanced, scalable capabilities will empower NEOM’s networks to keep pace with future demands, and support next-generation, automated technologies and enterprise, as well as the provision of predictive, cognitive services across the region.

“The launch of the TONOMUS.NEOM Telecommunications Center is another important milestone in the development of NEOM. This center will play a part in realizing our vision for a smart, cutting-edge region that prioritizes livability, where infrastructure and services are designed to give people time back to live their lives to the fullest. It will raise competitiveness in the global ICT industry and support both businesses and individuals who will call NEOM home.” - Nadhmi Al-Nasr, Chief Executive Officer of NEOM

The Center will power a software-driven network and secure private cloud that is projected to service up to 60 locations, some 1,800 structures, approximately 300,000 construction staff needed at NEOM by 2025 and 200 million IoT devices by 2030. It will also interface with key existing and future national and international digital networks and services to offer a seamless experience to end users.

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