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OMEN by Beefbar is opening at NEOM's Sindalah Island

This new restaurant on Sindalah Island is sure to delight meat lovers. Set to open in 2024, OMEN by Beefbar in NEOM is dedicated to all things beef. While carnivores will be drawn to this establishment, vegetarians may want to look elsewhere. Beefbar originated in Monte Carlo, Monaco in 2005 and has since found success with its restaurants in Dubai, London, Hong Kong, and Mexico City.

The brand already has branches in the Middle East, with award-winning locations in Dubai and Riyadh. Now, it plans to bring a touch of Monaco's glamour to NEOM.

Meat enthusiasts will feel right at home in this restaurant. The Beefbar brand prides itself on offering exclusive imported beef cuts, including a gold steak that's perfect for Instagram. However, despite its high-quality offerings, OMEN by Beefbar aims to provide a dining experience that is not pretentious. Keep an eye out for the playful emoji prints on the plates, as they are sure to add a touch of whimsy to your meal.

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