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NEOM surging ahead with plans to build ‘The Lake’ at TROJENA

TROJENA, NEOM’s unique, futuristic ski destination, is currently making significant construction progress across all clusters and major assets to deliver the development to the 2026 construction completion target.  Construction is continuing at pace, and NEOM is well on the way to creating The Lake – a magnificent 2.8-km-long man-made freshwater lake at the heart of TROJENA – and the vertical village The Vault.

The excavation of the Lake commenced in early 2022 and as of October 2023, approximately 3 million cu m of material has been excavated and reused for the lake liner and dams.

In line with NEOM’s commitment to sustainability, the water and power is produced sustainably. All the wastewater generated will be treated and reused to support the Lake and surrounding landscaping.

NEOM’s first wastewater treatment and water recycling plant is already in operation, providing water for construction and environmental initiatives according to Philip Gullett, Executive Director – Region Head, TROJENA. Additionally, recycled excavated materials are being used in construction, reducing the need for virgin materials.

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