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NEOM appoints contractor for Shusha Island

NEOM has appointed Greek contractor Archirodon to carry out the early infrastructure works on Shusha Island. The contract award is part of a framework for constructing infrastructure for 12 islands at NEOM.  Located off the coast of the Red Sea, Shusha Island will include the world’s largest coral garden, a marina, hotels, villas, a beach club, a museum and a research centre.  The coral garden is the project’s main attraction and is scheduled to be completed by 2025.

The development of 12 islands by NEOM includes:

  • Shusha Island (906,256 square metres)
  • Jazirat Baraqan (931,389 sq m)
  • Yuba Island 1 & Yuba Island 2 (296,814 sq m for both islands)
  • Umm Qusur (5,422,724 sq m)
  • Jazirat Umm Shujayrat (554,153 sq m)
  • Jazirat Alfarashah (3,594,567 sq m)
  • Jazair Sita (202,434 sq m)
  • Qaed al-Shoukh (4,189,953 sq m)
  • Om al-Husani (1,869,289 sq m)
  • Markaz al-Shyookh (3,240,953 sq m)
  • Juzut Ath Thughaba (2,372,881 sq m)
  • Maktal Ali (2,068,891 sq m)

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