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From NEOM to Kinshasa: 10 megacities of the future

The UN has predicted that the global population will increase by about three billion to reach 11.2 billion by the end of the century, and all those new people will have to live somewhere.  The inexorable rise of the megacity, with populations often exceeding 40 million, will outstrip the likes of London, Paris and New York City.  Many new ideas will feature at Expo 2020 Dubai in its "Cities of the Future" visitor journey.

One of these megacities will be the Saudi smart city of NEOM. It will be built on the Red Sea coast and the 25,000-square-kilometre site will extend to Egypt and Jordan. The project is estimated to cost £500 billion and Saudi Arabia hopes to complete the first section by 2025.

The project will include THE LINE, a city within a city. It will be home to one million people and will not have any cars or streets and will be free from carbon emissions.

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