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Football stars, desert ski resorts, 2029 Asian Games—Saudi Arabia is building post-oil future

Like a vision sent by God, the dramatic graphic renders of the 2029 Asian Winter Games allow us to imagine what heaven must look like. The winter sun lighting up their ski gear, Asia’s finest winter athletes are lining up along the dust-brown mountains of Asir in Saudi Arabia’s southern Red Sea Coast. The weather is like New Delhi in December, 23°C in the day and 12°C at night, but machines powered by a giant green-hydrogen plant will allow fresh snow engineered from sea-water to carpet the concrete ski-slopes at all times.

There will be a gorgeous Nordic-grey lake ensconced in the mountains, a fold-up village for the visiting athletes, villas, hotels and facilities for yachting and diving. Later, there will be two 500-metre high, 100-mile-long skyscrapers, called the Line, where drones will automatically deliver groceries and flying elevators will take residents directly to their apartments.

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