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A Look At The Lived Experiences Of NEOM’s Residents

NEOM is still growing, with many exciting things happening. Some residents share regular updates, like one person who talks about daily life in NEOM and interviews others living there.

They’ve got your everyday supermarkets scattered across Saudi Arabia, just like the lively LuLu Hypermarket!  And when it comes to food, they keep it simple with hotdogs and convenient frozen meals, just like everyone else! 

Even amidst the whirlwind of new developments, they’re staying true to themselves, reminding us that life there is just as relatable as anywhere else. But the burning question remains will this steadfastness endure into the future? Especially considering the promise of NEOM, a potential sustainable eco-friendly paradise!

Tik Tok user GG also generously shares glimpses of her temporary home with her followers, creating a sense of inclusion and making them feel as if they’re right there beside her. Her approach to documenting everything is refreshingly simple and relatable.

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