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What Do NEOM's Autonomous Vehicle Plans Look Like To The Rest Of The World?

If all goes according to plan, within a few years, one million people will live in Saudi Arabia’s ‘city of the future’ – and every one of them will depend on a fleet of self-driving cars. 

Saudi Arabia has set aside $500bn to invest in the economic zone of NEOM, a smart city that will be built from scratch and where inhabitants will get around by using fully autonomous vehicles (AVs). While it is certainly a significant project, the systems being developed for the NEOM megacity are still in the design phase, with many details either not yet decided or not communicated to the public.

The Saudi project does have several things going for it that could make it a big success. NEOM is being built from the ground up, which makes it easier to implement the most up-to-date infrastructure to support full vehicle automation. The five-year undertaking, still in its initial stages, will benefit from the 5G network that will cover the megacity and provide a medium for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-city communications.

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