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What is NEOM? How Google helped answer that question

NEOM is one of the most ambitious mega-infrastructure projects being built on Earth today.  Located in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia and spanning 26,500 square kilometres — roughly the size of Belgium — NEOM will be home to several regions, including THE LINE. This ‘cognitive linear city’ will use inputs and data collected within its confines to improve the lives of its future residents, set to number nine million people by 2045.

As a result of its scope and scale, NEOM has garnered plenty of international attention. However, brand health tracking research revealed that there was some confusion in people’s understanding of what NEOM really is.

Kantar research revealed that only 12% of research participants understood what the project is.

A media agency helped them take the campaign live by launching 15-second teaser video ads that encouraged viewers to search for “what is NEOM” on Google Search.

The Search ads teased what NEOM was, building on the question “what is NEOM” with a clear call to action at the end. People who clicked the ads were directed to the NEOM website.

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