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Rolls-Royce puts Middle East at centre of five-year drive to quadruple profits

With next-generation technology rolling out, the head of Rolls-Royce's operations in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa (Meta) has said the markets of Middle East will be crucial in the company's overall plan of quadrupling profits by 2027.

Trade between the GCC and the UK is worth about £59 billion, and the sixth round of talks to reach a viable FTA concluded in early February. Most FTAs take about eight rounds of talks.

“You've got new airlines, such as NEOM Airlines and Riyadh Air, so the whole region, the right vision, the right location and its got the capital to make it happen,” - John Kelly, president of Middle East, Turkey and Africa for Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce sees tremendous opportunity for its aero engine-making business in the GCC's growing tourist markets, especially that of Saudi Arabia.

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