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NEOM unveils Leyja, its latest sustainable tourism destination

NEOM have unveiled their latest destination - Leyja.

Set on the breathtaking Gulf of Aqaba, our stunning natural oasis is shaped by time, history and mythology. It will provide a backdrop for extraordinary life moments. A place to stimulate the senses, unwind and recharge. Visionary architecture in serene surroundings. Visitors will discover unforgettable experiences in complete harmony with nature. Leyja will allow people and planet to connect deeply.

Leyja builds on NEOM’s ongoing commitment to becoming a multi-faceted destination and supports the Kingdom’s efforts to build a strong tourism industry under Saudi Vision 2030. As a luxury eco-tourism location, Leyja reflects broader conservation ambitions, while providing an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves within the incredible natural landscapes of the region.

Leyja features three hotel properties: 

The first property is tailor-made for active adventure. The deconstructed design ascends the walls of the wadi like a staircase, its structure effortlessly tracing the topography with minimal disturbance of the terrain’s natural lines. Its unique location, folded into the cliff top and valley sides, lends itself to those seeking rock climbing and other high-octane experiences in the surrounding area.

The second property rises from the rock to sit prominently at the heart of the wadi’s largest oasis, functioning as an enchanting gateway to discovery and exploration of the valley that continues beyond. The impressive staircase ascending from the canyon to the entrance of the property is a journey of discovery, offering unrivalled views of the valley in all its beauty.

The third property is an immersive wellness retreat that promotes longevity, with a high-tech, reflective façade mirroring the surrounding beauty and valley walls. This allows the wadi’s natural passage through the property’s center, providing visitors with a unique and interactive experience.

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