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NEOM reveals ‘significant progress’ on snow resort TROJENA

It will be the first sub-zero snow destination and outdoor ski resort in the Gulf – and now developers behind Saudi Arabia’s mountain project TROJENA– part of the Kingdom’s NEOM’s $500 billion mega project – have exclusively unveiled to Al Arabiya English how they are building the vast resort in the megacity's snow-capped district as they reveal “substantial” work is underway on the vast site.

Ground has been broken at the mega resort – which will eventually house 7,000 permanent residents and will see more than 700,000 annual visitors head to the TROJENA, eventually home to a ‘vertical village’, a ‘fun cluster’, shopping, nightlife, more than 100 different sports, festivals, music and fashion events, and – of course – its winter slopes.

The main skiing stretch at TROJENA runs at an elevation of approximately 2,400 metres above sea level, explained Philip Gullett, Executive Director of TROJENA. During the winter months, the temperature in TROJENA can range from -17 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for skiing.

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