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NEOM launches Utamo - an immersive art and entertainment hub

NEOM has unveiled its immersive destination for art and entertainment, Utamo, cocooned in a mountain located along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline.  An innovative event space to host global artists, Utamo is the latest destination to be announced by the sustainable regional development evolving in northwest Saudi Arabia. It creates a unique backdrop for music events, exhibitions, and art activations that will transform traditional entertainment experiences.

Guests will arrive at Utamo via an extended pathway of a garden promenade, featuring more than 50 species of shrubs, herbs and flowers, before reaching the grand hall. The 64-m-high entrance, which pays homage to art and design, sets the scene for the awe-inspiring experiences awaiting guests inside, it added.

A theatre of the future where reality and the digital realm converge, Utamo will host events that redefine the benchmark of entertainment.

Its multipurpose performance space, VIP lounges, and signature restaurants will make it one of the world’s most exclusive event spaces, as it plays host to performances from the globe’s greatest artists.

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