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NEOM in deal to exchange geospatial data in cities management

The General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information (GASGI) has signed an agreement with NEOM on the geospatial sector and associated geospatial infrastructure (geodesy, marine surveying, aerial surveying and photography, remote sensing, and geospatial data), and exchanging experiences concerning supervision, management, organization, licensing, qualification, sharing and exchanging geospatial data and information to find technical and technological solutions in the management of cognitive cities, reported SPA.

The MoU was signed by GASGI Chairman Engineer Mohammed Yahya Al Sayel and NEOM Chief Executive Officer Engineer Nadhmi Al Nasr, at a key event in Riyadh.

The MoU stipulated benefiting from the services and products of the national network of continuous monitoring stations (KSA-CORS), the use of the National Spatial Reference (SANSRS) in all surveying work at NEOM, and the provision of support by GASGI to use or move to this reference and cooperation to facilitate the Authority’s tasks in NEOM, including geodetic work, it added.

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