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NEOM becoming major attraction for filmmakers

The diverse landscape and high-tech facilities of Saudi Arabia’s NEOM development are set to attract an increasing number of filmmakers over the next few years.  This is according to Ibraheem Al-Khairallah, the creative director and partner of Telfaz11, the media production company, who appeared recently on The Mayman Show.

Al-Khairallah said an agreement has recently been signed with NEOM to produce nine films over the next three years.

“We’re happy to announce that NEOM has all the facilities to make the greatest projects happen in Saudi; and also in terms of locations, in terms of equipment there, in terms of sound studios, as we know that (a) couple of international films have been shot there. And now they want to put the light on some locals there on the ground and we’re happy,” he said.

“The ground there is rich. They’ve got the sea, they’ve got the mountains and they got the desert … (and) in the winter they got the snow,” he added.

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