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MBS planning 317mph train for NEOM project

THE LINE’s railway route called The Spine is a marvel that, when ready, will run the length of 170 km covering a large expanse from the Red Sea coast inland towards Tabuk. Fascinatingly, the vast distance of THE LINE (170 km), has been claimed by the makers of NEOM City to be covered in only 20 minutes from end-to-end.

Presumably as THE LINE has been scaled down it will now travel 1.5 miles in 30 seconds.

When compared to the fastest trains worldwide, the Spine will literally race ahead. Shanghai’s Maglev, which is also the worlds first high-speed magnetic levitation line boasts a maximum operation speed of 280 mph (450 kmph) and runs on a 19 mile track.

In addition to the incredibly intriguing high-speed The Spine, NEOM City will boast another high-speed railway called The Connector, running along the Red Sea coast, that will connect two of NEOM’s significant areas, the port city of OXAGON, touted to become the world’s largest floating structure with the futuristic THE LINE. To fast track this project, a whopping $1.5 billion was awarded to the Connector, which will link two of the main planned mega-cities of NEOM.

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