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Korea to Open Liaison Office in Saudi Arabia to Better Participate in NEOM Project

Twelve executives, including the CEO of Saudi Arabia’s NEOM, visited Seoul on the occasion of the NEOM City exhibition, the first of its kind in Asia.  Holding a media conference on July 25, the day before the opening of the NEOM exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul, the executives emphasized that, actually, the NEOM City project is coming true.

Many companies around the world, including Korean companies, are scrambling to take big orders for NEOM City. “When NEOM Phase 1 is completed in 2030 it will send a message to the world that this is a practical and viable project,” Nadmi said. “We believe this will enable us to have a successful second round of funding.” “The NEOM City project will give opportunities to many Korean companies in the investment, funding and partnership formation phases,” he emphasized several times.

Currently, Samsung C&T and Hyundai E&C are working on an infrastructure tunnel for THE LINE, while Hanmi Global is involved in program management. Samsung C&T, Hyundai E&C and other Korean companies are seeking to win new tenders for the project.

About 250 people from approximately 100 Korean companies attended NEOM’s closed-door project introduction event the day before. Heads of sectors such as construction, media, education, healthcare, tourism, and energy from NEOM attended and had one-on-one meetings with those from Korean companies.

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