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America's NEOM? Another billionaire plans “open, fair, inclusive” $400bn megacity

Billionaire Marc Lore has unveiled plans for Telosa, a $400 billion megacity to be built somewhere in the US desert with space for up to five million residents.  Telosa is being billed as a new metropolis that will set “a global standard for urban living, expand human potential and become a blueprint for future generations”, with city planning focused on citizen involvement, equitability and sustainability.

Mr Lore, who was chief executive of Walmart's eCommerce from 2016-2021, has said Telosa is based on the concept of “equitism” - an economic system in which citizens have a stake in the city’s land.

City parks will be home to native flora and also act as water storage areas while streets will “prioritise bikes and pedestrians” and also feature automated cars.

Read the full story at The National News


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