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Al Awir 800, Dubai 1200, United Arab Emirates

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Smart Mobility Solutions, Robotics & Automation for a low-carbon interconnected world

MENA Mobility is a leading supplier of electric vehicle (EV) charging technology and infrastructure in the UAE. We offer a range of industry-leading EV chargers and charging stations, including AC Chargers and DC Fast Chargers, from pioneering Swedish technology group ABB Global. We can implement EV charging management solutions for commercial, industrial and public transportation fleets, public parking and destination charging management systems, and roadside fast charging systems.

MENA Mobility delivers pioneering AI-powered logistics, warehouse automation and robotics solutions from our partners Geek+, a global leader in smart logistics and autonomous mobile robots (AMR). We supply logistics, warehousing and distribution companies across the UAE with AI-driven smart logistics using machine learning and operational optimisation algorithms to massively improve efficiencies and boost productivity in their logistics operations.
Al Awir 800, Dubai 1200, United Arab Emirates

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Head-Smart Mobility
Sreechand Chandrasekharan (+)