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NEOM Tech & Digital Co. announces M3LD - a groundbreaking platform enabling users to control and earn from personal data

NEOM Tech & Digital Company has announced the launch of its innovative consent management platform, M3LD, which empowers users to regain control of and be incentivized for the use of their data.  M3LD is able to find out who is in possession of a user's data, monitor how it is being used, and provide recommendations on privacy settings for all their digital accounts.

"M3LD will place data ownership back in the hands of users and restore trust in the data economy. Today, trust is fundamental. Without trust, there is no data. Without data, there is no value. M3LD gives subscribers the benefit of transparency and, if a user agrees, a way to benefit from providing consent to use of their personal data." - Joseph Bradley, CEO, NEOM Tech & Digital Company speaking at LEAP

M3LD is part of a substantial investment by NEOM Tech & Digital Company – amounting to nearly US$ 1 billion this year alone – in AI-driven products and hyperconnected, autonomous solutions that will provide competitive advantage and enable the next generation of cognitive enterprises and cities. Currently being developed with select data controllers, M3LD is slated for general release in the first quarter of 2023.  NEOM's three-dimensional view into data brings together users, business and regulatory bodies around a common platform.   

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